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If you reside in the Tampa Bay Area you’ll likely notice familiar marinas, boats and faces on our social media. We like to stay local with our reports and fishing tips as best we can. It makes for better content that users can take something away from. On a hot bite? Share it. We love to feature local anglers of all skill levels!

Expanded Following and Locations!


Having a widespread following of diverse  anglers means a wider variety of tips. From  Dolphin and Lobster in the Keys to Wahoo and Sailfish in Jupiter many users outside of Tampa Bay love to share their fishing tips and content too! 

Who We Are


It was a project to entertain a small, specific  local audience. Tampa Offshore Fishing never intended to grow to it’s current size. Now reaching tens of thousands of fans and fellow anglers each week. In addition to the vast social media reach, Tampa Offshore Fishing now has a hit FM Radio show made for fishermen. The show informs and entertains anglers every Saturday morning from 5-7 am on 102.5 The Bone. It’s been a wild ride! 

The group was founded by a few passionate Tampa Bay anglers that wanted to share catches and tips on social media in real time with a few swipes of a thumb. 

It expanded to become the largest social media based offshore fishing community in the United States. It’s expanding every day thanks to it‘s amazing users!

Welcome to the club!

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Tuna and Mako!

Tuna and a HUGE mako shark with our friend, YouTube fishing sensation BlacktipH.

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